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  • Gene Rappaport, Strasburg, Penn.

  • As Good As Old, Lower Gwynedd, Penn.

  • Robert M. Conrad, Yeagertown, Penn.

  • Newsom & Berdan

The Greater York Antique Show Enters 45th Year

About Us


After the economic doldrums of the past few years, the Greater York Antiques Show has bounced back with the number of dealers exceeding previous years. The new managers, Bob Bockius, Dave Strickler, and Charles Whitney all business partners in Mitchell Displays, Inc., have tapped into their years of experience to make the Greater York Antiques Show a must-visit for dealers and buyers. On November 1 & 2, 2013 the show opened its doors to 85 antique dealers. If you were unable to attend the show, please check out our the Greater York Antiques Show Trailer video which can be found at, http://antiquesandthearts.smugmug.com/Video/The-Greater-York-Antiques-Show/Greater-York-Teaser-Video/i-HsGPD8N/A. And don't forget to check back as we will be posting videos of every dealer in the show.

Mitchell Displays has long been associated with show promotions and management. Their company has a track record of providing display cases for shows in the Eastern and Midwestern United States. They currently supply cases for more than 75 antiques, collectibles, and book shows. It was this background that convinced the trip to step up to promotion and management of the Greater York Antiques Show when Donna Burk, the widow of Jim Burk, decided to retire in 2012.

Mitchell Displays - P.O. Box 28, Westville, NJ 08093 - 1-856-686-9000